J.Biden’ handwriting secrets

I have a fresh copy of J. Biden handwriting sample after his visit in Vilnius. Let’s take a closer look at his personality from an HR screening point of view using graphoanalysis tools.


We can see almost no difference between this new handwriting sample and an older copy of his handwritten letter. It means that he had no changes in his personality. However, the newest handwriting sample indicates lower self esteem.

The changeable slant and loops suggest an emotional person who is flexible and able to deal with all kinds of people, making quick changes of direction as needed. Slant variation from left to right in the same sentence indicates that the person has trouble making decisions and is emotionally unpredictable. People that write a variable slant don’t fit very well in regular job positions because they’re too unreliable. But if they are able to handle this trait, they can turn it into flexibility and be in top management positions.
Sharp, pointy humps- fast minded, analytical thinker- those are leadership traits. Connected letter- fluidity of thought. Sharp, long downstrokes- aggressiveness, anger and determination.
„g“ shape- fluidity of thought, good oratory skills, „h“ shape-desire to acquire (shopaholic). The small ‘i’ in his handwriting doesn’t have a dot on top in most cases. It shows that he’s careless and not detail-oriented or might have some health problems related to old age and is having problems remembering what is necessary.
Big capital letters and bars on them- he needs to be socially prominent, proud, enthusiastic. Tall and long initial dowstroke indicates large ego, self confidence, and possible vanity.
Word spacing in general is narrow. People who use very narrow word spacing have this uncanny need to socialise and stay closely connected with others because they feel insecure. Sometimes this need to „stay close“ might be too close. Interesting thing about people using narrow word spacing in handwriting is that they don‘t stop to think whether it‘s necessary to keep some physical distance. In other words, they have poor understanding of personal boundaries.
Signature disconnected in capital letter- sign of impatience and possible lack of ability for concentration. Signature style, proportions are excellent as most politicians in the USA.
Would I recommend this person to any managerial position in a business company? Probably not. He might be a bit toxic for his employees and could create a bit of a negative atmosphere in the workplace. But as a politician he can play his role quite well. And he does. Still…

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